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The end in sight.

February 28, 2010

Thanks Franzj

Over the last few weeks, in which I have been focusing on writing down my most important tasks and executing them, I have found that small subtle things have been occuring in my life. A sense of well-being, which obviously cannot be quantified but consistently felt seems to be enveloping everything I do.

The feeling is really quite profound, I feel, well, wonderful. Now, on day 18, writing MITs will begin to become habit around the 21-28 day mark. Read the rest of this entry ?


A room with a view

February 28, 2010

As you might tell from the title of this blog, I just felt inspired to write about how cool the house is that I live in. Its not often that we really take a few moments to appreciate what we have, more so in our society today we tend to look towards the next achievement, the next goal, sport, event, or even day. How often do you hear people say, I’ll be happy when…?

This posponement of that happy feeling we get in our stomachs, is really what is preventing us from enjoying life more fully. So today, I am just going to write about my house.

Its an awesomely amazing house on top of a hill in Falmouth. It overlooks the whole town. In fact from it, when I look out the window when I’m having my breakfast, I can see falmouth docks, the sea, Pendennis Castle, a random house that looks like a lighthouse (but its not). I can see St. Mawes Castle, and all the way across to the other side of the harbour that really does look quite pretty.

Ok Archie, why this? Why now, you’re getting all gooey on me. Alright, voices in my head (we all have them), the reason is just that every so often it is nice to turn and look, and truly appreciate what we already have. Before you know, you’ll find that honestly and truly, when you do start to see all things that you can be grateful for, you’ll begin to feel happy…ahh…I like that feeling.

As a matter of fact, research has been carried out that actually proves what all the good books preach about gratitude. Here is a little more information for anyone interested.

Take Care Everyone



A truly fantastic, productive and seredepitous day.

February 26, 2010

Cornwall at its best, amazing how life recovers after being heavily industrialised. Thanks Molin01

Following on from the article that I just published, today has been one of the few truly productive days. It is wonderful when you just manage to balance to-do lists with allowing little seredeitous occurances to happen.

I nailed all my MITs, then went for a walk in one of the most beautiful parts of Cornwall (there are many) on a field trip. Of course I didn’t learn anything other than not to put top soil in Cornish Hedges (a mud/stone wall whichs is a hybrid of a wall and hedge).The really interesting part about this place was that half a century ago this place was a large gunpowder factory. Now it is a conservation area.

Having taken the walk, after being dropped off in falmouth, I was walking only to find a man playing the most amazing violin. Now, on further enquiry I found out that he does lessons for a very nominal rate. Surprisingly, then, I began to notice that there were various places looking for part time workers. So, how can a fund the lessons? By the looks of it, very easily.

Having walked up to my house, I decided to ring a friend of mine, to see about getting work at particular company for the summer. This conversation ended in a great chat, and now am meeting for a pint tomorrow.

So, although sometimes, the drudgery of routine can easily get us down. It would seem  that life really does give us what we truly want, and if we are aware enough, we suddenly begin to realise that the thing we have most been searching for (happiness) is right in front of our noses!

Have a great weekend!


Education and Update

February 26, 2010

Education and why it’s all backward

Following the last post I got inspired to right this today as I was just finishing off my daily update post.

Education. Can anyone relate to this?

You go to a new school all excited, or university, and a few weeks go by and you are very interested in the subject you are studying. The assignments role in, and you get them done with plenty of time. You don’t mind, because they interest you. A few more weeks go by and the work gets harder, but less interesting. You still keep working but the excitement seems to have diminished. Assignments role in at an increasing rate, not unbearable by any means, but we begin to procrastinate, handing on the day of the deadline. Still a few hours before, but you’re getting to a point where you still find that the work seems to lack it previous excitement.

A few months go by and now the work is completely at the bottom of your priorities. Facebook and Youtube become a staple diet, along with checking the surf forecast. Your friends or you begin to complain about the work, and you become more reluctant to get the work done with time left to breath, each assignment gets closer and closer to missing the deadline. Life becomes a series of weeks of relaxing, and generally avoiding work, to others where you’re frantic. Running round like a headless chicken complaining at how much work you have, when really we’re missing a fundamental aspect of this learning experience: enjoyment.

Where did it go? Where did the interest go? The zest for life, the curiosity, the in class discussion? Somewhere, between your third and tenth assignment you lost a certain idea that university, the actual substance of it, became a boring, uninspiring series of term dates and deadlines, interspersed with some serious centurions (I’m sure blackthorn was not meant for them!), and general work avoidance.

Lectures are a passive absorption of knowledge that the sooner you can forget, the better. This may not sound like a very nice view of higher learning, or education in general (I mean more so for university) but I think for a large number of people this is pretty much exactly how it goes. It sure did for me.

So, now the question I want to ask, and I hope to explain, in my limited research, but vehement truth is:

Is the current method of education actually all that effective? Or even more probingly, our method of schooling which 99% of the worlds education system use, necessary?

Many studies seem to to indicate otherwise. Our system of learning is less of a system of actual lasting education but of measuring. The tests in which we a subjected to, are a large part so far detached from real life that they really mean nothing of each of our capability. Now before I go into a rant about the current education system, I’m going to STOP.

Deep breath. Ok.

Education is really misrepresented. The origin of the word is from the latin word educo; to draw out or bring up from within. But what is more important is to look at the way we have for many years tried to measure education. This comes in the way of test and exams, and qualifications. Now consider this. Why is this necessary in order to educate us? Children, and us included, if we interested in something, they will go and find out about it. Now you may think this is obvious, but imagine if children were allowed to do this. No school, no tests, no treachers forcing knowledge down our throwts whether we like it not. However, imagine a place in which children are allowed to go to, to learn whatever they want to. How phenomenally scary would that be parents?

But what if all they did was play on video games all day? What if they just sat around watching tv? How could I be sure that little Johnny is going to grow up a become a smart banker, when I have to leave him to his own devices? The truth is you can’t.

I was having this very discussion with my family the other day. I have a borhter of ten years old, and he is far more intelligent than I think anybody gives him credit for. The only difference is that he does not express it in academic ways, why? Because he refuses to subordinate to people without his own deciding that that is the best course of action. So what happens? He gets in trouble, special classes, teachers coming over in the holidays to help him ‘catch up’ to what he has missed. The funny thing is, is that get him talking about Air-soft or computer games or anything else that seems to interest him, and I’m sure that you will actually learn something.

The point I am getting at, is that I really think we need to begin questioning the assumption that someone who does badly in school is going to be forever unsuccessful in life, or that success will come with more ‘difficulty’. I suffered from this. When I left university to go an pursue a crazy search for a sword, I got back defeated, and I was bombarded with negative comments about the fact that I have made ‘success’ harder? Success in anything is going to be hard, just that people seem to link lacking a degree to finding success more difficult. Personally I disagree.

It is vitally important that we begin to understand that we as a race have an inbuilt learning system which we use when we need it. This is what has meant that the human race has been so successful. However, our downfall has been in thinking that we have to orchestrate the growing up of children, by putting them through rigorous ‘tests’ in order to enter into adulthood, with a chance of becoming successful.

I think I am touching on a subject that has far more scope than just a blog, so I will probably be writing about this in greater depth with more structure a bit later, but the whole subject area of education in itself is fascinating, so I hope I can help facilitate anyone’s interest in the area.


Wow! Day 14, and still going strong!

February 24, 2010

Ok so, you probably have not heard from me in just under two weeks. Sorry about that. Motivation is hard! However I have good news:

I’m still writing my MITs, BUT I have hit a snag. I have lost motivation for actually executing them. I’m sure many of you have started something and not finished. With all good intentions only to find a few weeks down the line that you no longer seem to find that motivation to do it. This is very common. Now what do you do? here is the answer:

Find the BIGGEST REASON for doing the thing you intended and keep it visible, keep it with you, on your computer, on your wall, in your wallet, in your pocket. Given a big enough why will make you run through walls to get to where you’re going. That is why it seems, that people who have been through extreme hardship seem to just be amazing at what they do. Take Lance Armstrong for instance. That guy was diagnosed with three different types of cancer, at the same time! That certainly is a heavy blow, but what did he do? He used that as a strong reason to become possibly one of the greatest atheletes of all time.

Tony Robbins, (yes the self-help guru), grew up in poverty and was given food on America’s Thanksgiving when he was just a teenager. His whole family couldn’t feed themselves. He turned that reason to start a massive charity which helps feed people around the world, just for those days in November.

Ok so, I digress, but the point is the same. If you’re thinking about doing something life changing, and by that I mean, a daily action that will get you consistently to become the person you have dreamed of, then take a step back if you’re having trouble motivating yourself.

Think about WHY you’re doing this, get that booty moving!

I will be restarting my daily blogging as of today, and I hope that it works this time!

Ok so you may be wondering why I am doing this right now? Or not, but I’m going to tell you anyway.

I have always wanted to be a successful person in whatever field I choose (don’t we all). Ok, not that personal, but, in growing up I have been told a lot of confusing things about how to be successful. My Dad for instance once told that in order to get rich you have to be cut throat, and devious. I refuse to believe this. I also refuse to believe in realistic goals, much to my parents dismay. I’m sure you’ve had the same experience when you tell people what you want to do, and the goal you have, and then someone says “be realistic [insert name], you can’t do that, if it was that easy everybody would be doing it” or words to that effect.

Remember how frustrating that is? Getting people to believe in you, especially the ones close to you seems to be one of the biggest challenges some of us face. Now of course there are exceptions, but the truth of the matter is, that close friends and family can be one of the biggest limiters and governors of our success in life.

We are around them a lot of the time, and therefore, consistant talk of this kind can, and is devastating on what we can expect from life.

Again, I digress.

Ahh, ok, the reason is, that I want to prove to them, and myself that achieving the impossible is…possible. That we can question the assumptions of people. In fact, personally, I’ve been looking at my goals and have seen that I’m not sure I’ve been unrealistic enough. I mean, from my point of view, having changed back to University (yes, I did it, amazingly it was reversable), I think my goals can change accordingly.

So, upon review, here are 4 reviewed an revised goals for the next six months:

1) A one way ticket, for indefinite travel, around the world. Yes, one epic trip for as long as I want. More on the trip later.

2) To make it a habit of regardless where I am in world and what I am doing, to create a short intense and habitual fitness workout.(notice the difference in doing a triathlon)

3) What was the other one? I’m not sure that matters if I can’t remember it.

4) I think it was to play the ashkon farewell on violin, err, well that might be on the cards, but I think two goals are enough.

So, I think also those seem like awesome enough reasons to go make MITs a daily habit.

Stay tuned.

AC out.


3 days down, 27 to go…

February 12, 2010

So with 3 days done, I have another 27 or so days before this becomes habit. Two out of 3 MITs done, one of which was a strength workout which I haven’t done. I think I might just do some push ups and crunches as exercise habit is for another month. In any case I can still go to triathlon training and that’s in the evenings.

AC out.


Another day, and a small success

February 11, 2010

Just wrote my MITs for the tomorrow, and got all things done that I planned today. Even managed to come up with an idea I think might be worth patenting…