Nice and Steady

February 10, 2010

As this is the first post of this blog I’m really writing to state the reasons for this blog. As most of you reading this will probably know me personally, and realise that I have decided to make a life changing decision, by committing academic suicide.

So, here is what I am trying achieve with using this blog:

To mark the achievement, and progress of forming habits which will be conducive to achieving the goals I have for this year. The object is daily application. So I intend on keeping a daily update as to my progress, with each post being made after I brush my teeth in the evenings.

The first few habits I intend on forming are follows, each one will be, formed one at a time. I will be starting with small easy behavioural changes first, and gradually work up to more drastic ones.

1)  Writing down Most Important Tasks (MITs) before I go to bed. I will be writing this after I brush teeth, and then updating daily as to my progress.

2) Single Task. Focusing on one thing at a time.

3)Daily budgeting of expenses.

4) Exercise for 5-10 minutes daily.

Four months down the line, I hope to know a little bit better which other habits I would like to incorporate into my life.

In any case, this decision has been inspired by reading the blog Zen Habits, which I recommend to anyone interested in simplifying their life.

Oh yes, and you may wonder why I am doing this, the answer is simple. So that I can focus on my goals. This year the goal is as follows:

The annual goal:

Liberation, both financially and time constraints.  That means as follows:

Work no more than four hours a week, and to be earning enough to achieve various dreamlines.

So what is on those dreamlines?

In 6 months I dream of:

1)      Completing a triathlon.  (assuming getting a bike 3 months)£1000max for bike    £330

2)      Go on a 3 month trip around America.      £1500

3)      Learn how to skydive.      £217

4)      Learn how to play the Ashkon Farewell, on violin.      £160

Monthly Expenses          £815.75

Target Monthly Income (TMI) = £3 022.75

TDI (Target Daily Income) =   £100.76

So, there you have it, all laid out in plain English. That is the financial goal for the next 6 months.

In any case, thanks for reading, I will keep you updated as to my progress. The idea is to take lots of little daily steps, that is why I am building the habits as they will play a large part in the success of this goal.


One comment

  1. I’m watching your Archie… *Scowls*

    Good luck, this is a very interesting and methodical approach.

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