A truly fantastic, productive and seredepitous day.

February 26, 2010

Cornwall at its best, amazing how life recovers after being heavily industrialised. Thanks Molin01

Following on from the article that I just published, today has been one of the few truly productive days. It is wonderful when you just manage to balance to-do lists with allowing little seredeitous occurances to happen.

I nailed all my MITs, then went for a walk in one of the most beautiful parts of Cornwall (there are many) on a field trip. Of course I didn’t learn anything other than not to put top soil in Cornish Hedges (a mud/stone wall whichs is a hybrid of a wall and hedge).The really interesting part about this place was that half a century ago this place was a large gunpowder factory. Now it is a conservation area.

Having taken the walk, after being dropped off in falmouth, I was walking only to find a man playing the most amazing violin. Now, on further enquiry I found out that he does lessons for a very nominal rate. Surprisingly, then, I began to notice that there were various places looking for part time workers. So, how can a fund the lessons? By the looks of it, very easily.

Having walked up to my house, I decided to ring a friend of mine, to see about getting work at particular company for the summer. This conversation ended in a great chat, and now am meeting for a pint tomorrow.

So, although sometimes, the drudgery of routine can easily get us down. It would seemĀ  that life really does give us what we truly want, and if we are aware enough, we suddenly begin to realise that the thing we have most been searching for (happiness) is right in front of our noses!

Have a great weekend!


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