A room with a view

February 28, 2010

As you might tell from the title of this blog, I just felt inspired to write about how cool the house is that I live in. Its not often that we really take a few moments to appreciate what we have, more so in our society today we tend to look towards the next achievement, the next goal, sport, event, or even day. How often do you hear people say, I’ll be happy when…?

This posponement of that happy feeling we get in our stomachs, is really what is preventing us from enjoying life more fully. So today, I am just going to write about my house.

Its an awesomely amazing house on top of a hill in Falmouth. It overlooks the whole town. In fact from it, when I look out the window when I’m having my breakfast, I can see falmouth docks, the sea, Pendennis Castle, a random house that looks like a lighthouse (but its not). I can see St. Mawes Castle, and all the way across to the other side of the harbour that really does look quite pretty.

Ok Archie, why this? Why now, you’re getting all gooey on me. Alright, voices in my head (we all have them), the reason is just that every so often it is nice to turn and look, and truly appreciate what we already have. Before you know, you’ll find that honestly and truly, when you do start to see all things that you can be grateful for, you’ll begin to feel happy…ahh…I like that feeling.

As a matter of fact, research has been carried out that actually proves what all the good books preach about gratitude. Here is a little more information for anyone interested.

Take Care Everyone



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