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Procrastination: a bad habit or a sign for change?

March 28, 2010

What is procrastination really telling us? (thanks Emilie Ogez)

Today I’m writing about procrastination, because that is what I am doing. Procrastinating. I personally think that procrastination is often something most people frown upon, and consider a bad habit. But often a the question we should really be asking ourselves is “why am I procrastinating?” The answer will probably be quite revealing. Read the rest of this entry ?


A Little Guide To Dealing With Failure

March 25, 2010

The most inspirational success of all time. He did it because he failed, many, many times. (Thanks Sheepback.Cabin)

Failure. Awful word isn’t it? What is it about that one word which people seem to be affraid of. I think I have an idea as to why. It stems from when we were growing up. Read the rest of this entry ?


Taking a Step Back

March 23, 2010

By taking a few deep breaths and looking objectively at our lives, we begin see a wonderful thing, perspective (Thanks Paulo Bradao)

Often in life we get very involved with the art of living. The pursuit of dreams, and work loads, sports, social life, TV, reading, and anything else we do in life. This however, does mean that sometimes we can lose the sense of growth in living, and feel slightly overwhelmed. I’m sure you’ve had this. You think of changing your life, new years resolutions often the biggest sources of this, and a few months down the line you find you’re not doing what you set out to do.

Your life feels slightly stagnant. Its times like this, that the best thing to do is literally take a deep breath, and just sit, or stand, and look at what is around you. Look at what you’re doing. Ask yourself, what am I doing? Whats working, whats not?

This simple act of taking a step back, and looking at what we’re doing, then look at whats working, then what’s not has been known to transform entire companies, I’m pretty sure, than by answering honestly, and then acting on what you’ve found, life will suddenly take on another brightness, and vividness which it didn’t have before.


The Art of Sexual Transmutation

March 22, 2010

Redirecting your sexual energy can unleash your potential (Thanks alex.psyched)

Why this title? Well, something which I am beginning to understand is the idea that all the power we need to accomplish anything we want is within us. The power of the mind, the power of soul, and all the others which we possess. However, there is one power which trumps all of them put together. Sex.

Napoleon Hill describes the art of sexual transmutation in his book which I have mentioned before Think and Grow Rich.

That single chapter I think seems to be the most important of them all. He talks about the fact that “The man who does not recognise this important truth deprives himself of the power that has done more to help men achieve success than all others forces combined [ed.]This single truth therefore seems to be one of the keys to success. The energy that is sex.

So how do we do this?

Well, the idea is essentially that rather than releasing our sexual energy through purely physical channels, we must switch the thoughts of sex, and turn our very lives into an act of sex. By that I mean, imagine everything we do as a form of self-expression, from the most lowly of tasks we can find the truth of our own creativity.

In laymans terms this means to abstain from habitual sex expression and focus the energy somewhere else.

In my own experiments that this is very much the case. That by using our sex energy in another direction, we become more creative, and more driven towards achievement in every act, because of this massive increase in energy. This however, does involve a huge amount of will power, but in the words of Napoleon Hill, “the reward is worth the effort”.

In truth, I cannot do this subject justice, as I am only now beginning to form my own ideas about it, and the energy which we can direct. But essentially, if you would like further reading on this go here, its a fantastic resource, and is quite an inspiring blog.


Just a quick post today.

March 19, 2010

This radical honesty thing has actually had quite a good effect. Communication between my mates and I has improved a little, just a little though as I have been quite busy. I think this honesty thing is a step in right direction. Although its quite revealing.


Radical Honesty: A month long experiment, because I failed with belief habits.

March 18, 2010

“What is uttered from the heart alone, will win the hearts of others to your own”  Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Starting from now, I’m going to go 30 days telling the absolute truth of what I see, no BS.

I don’t fully understand how our beliefs shape our reality. But in writing that last sentence I actually did see a glimmer of truth.

I am not unhappy with my life as a whole, I am unhappy with a few things in it.

Washing up, I cannot understand why my house mates do not clean their cutlery after they used it without leaving it a few days.

I want to be rich and successful and that is why I am mainly writing this blog, because I stay accountable, and I enjoy writing, even if it just keeps me entertained.  In fact, I want to be honest to the point of being blunt. I think it will work, because telling white lies like we all do has not got me the life I want. Which in truth I don’t actually know what the life of my dreams looks like.

Its raining outside, as I just looked out the window to see two flat mates go off to the gym. I don’t know why they spend all that money of a gym. Its a waste. If you didn’t have money, how would you keep fit? I don’t think they train at all anyway. I think I better tell them what I said when I get back.

This probably sounds like an internal narrative. Sorry about that. I feel I have exposed myself to you (the reader) in a way in which few of us do.

I have just been reading that change comes after honesty. So for one month I going to be completely honest. You can read about radical honesty in a book by a Psychiatrist called Brad Branton.  (I’m not sure the difference between psychiatrist and psychologist).

This is actually going to be quite scary this month. I’m already dreading writing essays for my course now. In fact, I think being honest is probably going to be quite a revealing month for me. If you’re looking for a very humorous article on radical honesty go here. Its written by a man who experiments, his name is A.J. Jacobs. I’m going to go back up to the top of the page now, to explain why I’m writing this, which I think is a good and humorous way to begin this post.  No, in fact I like the beginning, so I am going to say why now.

I am writing this article because I have for too long not been honest with myself. Not in a big way, but in a little way, like we all do. I want to change my life. I am not happy with a few things in my life. These being things like, why am I always in debt? I hate that. I hate not having money, to feel successful. I feel bored with life. I want excitement. I want to be chiselled. By that I mean seriously fit, so that when I look in the mirror I want go wow! And so that others will go wow to, I know that’s narcissistic, but its the truth.

Its seems like the narrative is quite blunt. That’s because the voice in my head at the moment is talking in a kind of strange monotonous blunt manner, because that’s what being honest is about, isn’t it? Its about speaking your mind.

So back to why I’m writing this. I also don’t like the way I never have a meaningful relationship (whatever that is). I nearly always have a girl who I can ring up for sex, have done for about 3 years now since I broke up with a girl who I was too much of a pussy to break up with. I want a seriously hot, fantastic girlfriend, is that too much to ask?

Also, I’m bored, I realise I mentioned that before, but its true. I want excitement. So in summary I want money to live like James bond, girl included, and I want to learn how to a better person. That was the first thing that came out of my head.

Now this does sound like a rant, at least to me, but its the truth. So from now on, I’m going to tell the truth. There is a side of me that is both very excited at this experiment, and the other which is actually bricking itself.

Its time to be honest with my life. I am going to take you though it, step by step.


Ok, I’ve failed

March 18, 2010

Today, I have realised that this belief habit that I was trying to create, was clashing with a few unconscious hidden beliefs which have effectively stopped me in my tracks.

Another method needs to be employed.