A life lived by the Golden Rule

March 1, 2010

No need for computers here. (Source cwalker71)

Often in live we begin to realise that it is the relationships which we have with one another essentially dictate the deep level of happiness we feel for ourselves. Human as natured beings, are inherently social. If we are not social, it is likely that we beome depressed and so life becomes worse for us. I have experienced this. I still experience this. I admire people who are profusely social. Who have a wonderful circle of friends, and are always experiencing things.

Our experiences are what we remember. Not the possessions we owned (other than those essential to our survival, a boat for instance). Having just read another fantastic post on the blog Zen Habits I truly like the idea of simplifying life. In fact, the last month has been an attempt to simplify my days and allow me to focus to on what is really important to me. This has proved very successful, and at the same time very revealing of how complex we can allow our lives to be.

This realisation of how complex we make our lives has lead me to understand that less really is more. I currently have reduced my wardrobe to about one tenth of what it once was. I have left many of my books back at home. I still have a long way to go, but I am getting there.

Simplicity, I have found, seems to be the key to a fulfilling life. So, you may be wondering how we can all live by the golden rule. The answer is simple:


To help with this process, it is necessary to remind yourself of the habit which you are trying to form. Carry a small card or piece of paper around with you for the first thirty days, and write on the card three simple words:

We are one.

This simple sentence encapsulates the essence of what all of the main scientific and religious theories conclude on. Imagine that the person who you see in front of you shares a part of your own self, and therefore we must treat it with the same respect in which we would treat ourselves. This sounds obvious I know, but the message cannot be emphasised enough.

To form this new habit, it is important to remember that nothing worth having is ever going to be easy to attain. Therefore I would expect it to take at least two months, to make it the very essence of your being. This kind of habit has to permeate your very being, and be carried through to everyone you meet. The challenge could very well take a lifetime to master, but I am sure with the proper methodical approach, it can be conquered.

So, now you might be asking, how can I apply this to my life, in a step by step process. Well there is no fool proof answer to this, but I can give a few generic ideas:

  • Say hello to the people you pass by, who you may know, but be sincere, don’t ask how they are, and don’t bother to hear the reply.
  • Smile.
  • Focus your attention of people when they are talking, listen as if you want to learn everything and anything about themselves.
  • Look for peoples strengths, and uniqueness and compliment them on it right there and then.  It takes courage to look for the good in people who don’t always seem very nice, interesting, or interested.
  • Our outer world is formed by the inner self, we see as we are. Therefore, know that anything you see in someone that you dislike is really a part of yourself. Think about that.
  • Help a person you see in need, giving time is more valuable than any amount of money.
  • Be present to what surrounds, and see yourself as someone who is trying to make, even the smallest difference.

“ A single candle can light a thousand more without diminishing itself.” Hillel the Elder.

As you can see that this process is probably going to be a livelong work, but I hope that you can appreciate that really, if this rule is lived by, I would imagine your whole life would be changed by it.


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