Believe, and ye recieve them.

March 2, 2010

It has come to my attention of an extremely obvious, and amazing fact which can lead anyone to the success which they desire.


Obvious you say. Yes, but rarely understood. Up until now I have never really understood the concepts about the law of attraction, and everything else which I have read on the subject. It seems that the truth of matter, eluded me up until now.

It is not as much of the matter of doing the things which make you successful, but it is complete and utter belief that it will occur. In reading how habits are formed, it seems that focus which must be applied to each one separately is key. This must be done until they permeate our very being. All we have to focus on more than anything in the first thirty days is the belief that our desired goal will manifest. That is all. Nothing more, nothing less, we must focus all our attention on creating the habit of belief that it will invariable manifest.

For anyone interested in being inspired beyond their dreams by the book which has caused me to write this post get yourself a copy of Napoleon Hill’s all time classic Think and Grow Rich it will change your life.


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