The Art of Sexual Transmutation

March 22, 2010

Redirecting your sexual energy can unleash your potential (Thanks alex.psyched)

Why this title? Well, something which I am beginning to understand is the idea that all the power we need to accomplish anything we want is within us. The power of the mind, the power of soul, and all the others which we possess. However, there is one power which trumps all of them put together. Sex.

Napoleon Hill describes the art of sexual transmutation in his book which I have mentioned before Think and Grow Rich.

That single chapter I think seems to be the most important of them all. He talks about the fact that “The man who does not recognise this important truth deprives himself of the power that has done more to help men achieve success than all others forces combined [ed.]This single truth therefore seems to be one of the keys to success. The energy that is sex.

So how do we do this?

Well, the idea is essentially that rather than releasing our sexual energy through purely physical channels, we must switch the thoughts of sex, and turn our very lives into an act of sex. By that I mean, imagine everything we do as a form of self-expression, from the most lowly of tasks we can find the truth of our own creativity.

In laymans terms this means to abstain from habitual sex expression and focus the energy somewhere else.

In my own experiments that this is very much the case. That by using our sex energy in another direction, we become more creative, and more driven towards achievement in every act, because of this massive increase in energy. This however, does involve a huge amount of will power, but in the words of Napoleon Hill, “the reward is worth the effort”.

In truth, I cannot do this subject justice, as I am only now beginning to form my own ideas about it, and the energy which we can direct. But essentially, if you would like further reading on this go here, its a fantastic resource, and is quite an inspiring blog.


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  1. I read Think and Grow Rich in 2005 and the first chapter I randomly opened the book up to was The Mystery of Sex transmutation. This chapter changed my direction in life, it changed my relationship, it inspired me to create my business and write a book. I have expended Hill’s one chapter of The Mystry of Sex Transmutation into a whole book: The Currency of Sexual Energy, The art of Sexual Transmutation by Y.S de Jong.
    Sex Transmutation is the most fun and exciting concepts since the invention of sex itself. I think a lot of people are put off by the term ‘Transmutation’. It is not about abstinence or restraining yourself. It is about building your energy through sexual activity and then transforming sexual energy into productive energy and creativity. The transforming part is quite effortless actually.
    For me, when I am aroused I become incredibly creative and inspired. I have written most of my book in an aroused state. I have had most of my break through inspirations after orgasm. By the way I am female so I usually can not stop at one orgasm and the more I have the more energy I build and the more inspirations that flows through me. This is not limited to women. Men can use orgasmic energy in the same way. They can also experience mulit-orgasmic states.
    Google Neo Tantra Massage Melbourne and you will find me. You can buy the book online through my website.

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