Taking a Step Back

March 23, 2010

By taking a few deep breaths and looking objectively at our lives, we begin see a wonderful thing, perspective (Thanks Paulo Bradao)

Often in life we get very involved with the art of living. The pursuit of dreams, and work loads, sports, social life, TV, reading, and anything else we do in life. This however, does mean that sometimes we can lose the sense of growth in living, and feel slightly overwhelmed. I’m sure you’ve had this. You think of changing your life, new years resolutions often the biggest sources of this, and a few months down the line you find you’re not doing what you set out to do.

Your life feels slightly stagnant. Its times like this, that the best thing to do is literally take a deep breath, and just sit, or stand, and look at what is around you. Look at what you’re doing. Ask yourself, what am I doing? Whats working, whats not?

This simple act of taking a step back, and looking at what we’re doing, then look at whats working, then what’s not has been known to transform entire companies, I’m pretty sure, than by answering honestly, and then acting on what you’ve found, life will suddenly take on another brightness, and vividness which it didn’t have before.


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