Life Transformation: Attempt No. 3

April 15, 2010

For a long time I have looked  for a system a way of living which appeals to me, and makes me become the person I actually want to be. Today, I am sitting here, at my Brother’s computer, deciding to make another effort to change my life, and am laying out the plans to do so.

I have read many, many books on life change, many many systems, and all sorts of different ways of becoming the person you want to become. The whole thing is essentially seems to be focusing on the core issues which are naturally hardest to change. You can change a habit, but changing personality traits or any other deep rooted beliefs takes time and patience.

I suppose life change comes out of solving the problems we have in our lives today, these issues can only be fixed by single minded focus, until we are at a stage we that solution to the problem is no unconscious, and we no longer have to think about the problem because our change in character is such that it has completely disappeared.

I have looked for and read many books, and really they say the same thing which we all ready know inherently. It is just a case of becoming aware of the issues that hold us back.

It is difficult to just try and invent our own system of living and of philosophy, and many success stories differ because the person takes on a slightly different take on things and it is important to know, as I said in a previous post that we must be our own point of reference and what is true for us, is all that matters.

The main problem I am suffering from right now is actually my home environment. I allow myself to be influenced by its comforts and the ease with which I can completely waste my time. In fact that is one of the biggest issues I have found inherently running through my life. I retreat into my place of comfort, where we feel safe, and then nothing is accomplished. It is a very subtle and isidious of enemies because it encourages laziness and idleness. That at the moment seems to be the biggest issue.

I have to look at my life with some perspective. We all can become impatient and want change to occur instantaneously. However, the most profound of all change, occurs by just taking little steps, and by overcoming obstacles as they occur. We must realise that we are not here to just consume, and take, but to bring our talents into fruition. We are to develop everything we are capable of, and to refuse to think otherwise. By giving everything of ourselves we will receive everything we ever dreamed of. Essentially, we need to give, that which we wish to receive. That is why, although various sources and modern society very much gears us up to what we can get, the truth is in fact the opposite. That the key, is giving everything we have of ourselves, knowing that our returns are in exact proportion to what we give.

If you want to prosper, and be a success, you must first, add to the prosperity of others in any way you can. If you want the perfect relationship the perfect partner, you have to be the perfect partner. If you want better friends, you have to be a better friend yourself. The truth is that simple. Give that which you seek.

So from this, moment onwards, I will be simply attempting to do just that. The opportunities to give are far more abundant than we could ever have imagined.

From this moment, I am committing myself to keep on track of this life altering decision.

In the morning, I will set an reminder up on my phone (my alarm clock) in a simple statement, “Everyday is a day to give yourself to world”. Then three other times, I will set up a reminder, asking “Are you giving everything of yourself?”

The thinking is, that in giving everything of yourself, you will receive everything you want.

Then, in the evening, I will ask myself if I did give everything of myself. The answer, can either be Yes or No. It cannot be anything else.

The idea, is to make it a habit, to constantly ask myself, “How can I give more?”. Hopefully, this should turn my life around. Watch this space.


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